The Right Spring Property Management Solution Spring property management makes owning and managing property simple. The management company will handle all types of tasks for you no matter how big or small. You can use the management company to handle many aspects of your business. It is great to use property management if you feel like you can’t handle everything on your own. Real Property Management Houston Services There are… Continue Reading Spring Property Management | Property Management Houston

Katy Property Management Upgrades to Consider If you’re looking to upgrade your Katy property to get it ready for new tenants or to curb its appeal, consider these best Katy property management tips. Make the front yard appealing Trim those overgrown grass, shrubs, and weeds or hire a professional to help give the outside of your home a clean, beautiful look.  Plant some flowers and Replace that flimsy small knob… Continue Reading Katy Property Management Upgrades to Consider

If you own a home and are thinking of using it as a rental home there are certain Rental Home Killers that can distract future tenants which in turn can mean that your home is for rent longer than what you might can afford. At Real Property Management Houston, our motto is – Every day that your home is vacant is money out of your pocket. If future tenants are… Continue Reading Rental Home Killers

What Are Your Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities? Texas law stipulates specific maintenance responsibilities of landlord and tenants so that in case something breaks in the units, both parties know their obligations. In this post, we look at maintenance responsibilities in Texas rentals for tenants. So, exactly what are your tenant maintenance responsibilities? Landlords are required to specify in the lease the specific responsibilities and expectation of tenants regarding the property.  Tenants… Continue Reading What Are Your Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities?

As mentioned in our Room by Room Light Bulb Guide blog previously, there are many options for you as a consumer for your rooms in your home. This blog we will discuss light bulbs that have special “feels”, and some Light Bulb safety recommendations. Here are some Light Bulbs that give you a special feel to your home. These Light Bulbs have that special talent that others don’t. Sleep Better… Continue Reading Room by Room Light Bulb Guide – Part II

How Humble Property Managers can Boost Curb Appeal If you find the Humble rental property you manage is staying vacant far too long, it may be because the house looks unappealing. Follow these tips to find out how Humble Property Managers can Boost Curb Appeal. Lawn Care Taking care of the lawn is the first step to making your Humble rental property desirable for occupancy. Remove weeds and more the… Continue Reading How Humble Property Managers can Boost Curb Appeal

Houston: Water Heater Maintenance – Clean Your Air Filter Water heater maintenance is fairly straightforward, and many property owners in Houston know how to do the basics, such as flushing the tank twice per year, checking the anode rod, and other aspects. However, many property owners either do not know about or forget about the air filter, which is often a black mesh ring circling the bottom of your water… Continue Reading Water Heater Maintenance – A Must Do!

Do you have Light Bulb confusion??? We all can be a bit confused as we stand and look at this ever growing aisle of indoor and outdoor light bulbs. Whether you are a tenant or a home owner, it’s always a good idea to know which light bulbs are best and can save you the most money. Real Property Management Houston has come up with a room by room light… Continue Reading Room by Room Light Bulb Guide – Part I

What First Time Cypress Rental Property Landlords Should Know Once you’ve decided to invest in a Cypress rental property, there are important things you should know to avoid making costly mistakes. What first time Cypress Rental Property Landlords should know about owning a Cypress Rental Property and trying to be a DIY landlord. The Do’s of Being a Cypress Rental Property Landlord Keep your Cypress rental property insured – In… Continue Reading What First Time Cypress Rental Property Landlords Should Know

Tenant Turnover and What to Expect Your tenant has given the 30 notice that they intend to move out at the end of the month. Real Property Management Houston will describe the process and give you an idea of what you can expect. Once notification is made to the Houston Property Management Company, the tenant will immediately receive “Move Out” instructions. The move out instructions are intended to help the… Continue Reading Tenant Turnover – What to Expect

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