At Real Property Management Houston, we know that your job is hectic and demanding.  We appreciate our valuable Realtor relationships and are we are pleased to work hand in hand with some of the best Realtors in Houston.  Our owners and tenants appreciate this partnership.  It makes serving them better, and easier.

Property Management in Houston is what we do best.  By putting us to work for your clients, you can be assured that you have put them in the best hands possible when they need Houston property management.  And you can be assured, that when the time is right, we will turn your clients back over to you for their selling or additional purchasing needs.


Tenant Screenings

Making the right decisions can improve occupancy levels, reduce bad debt and assure compliance with regulations. Access Tenant Screening Reports including Credit, Criminal, Evictions, and much more:

  1.  Complete Contact Form
  2.  You or your broker will be contacted. 
  3.  Set Up is Quick and Easy
  4. *Site Inspection Required for accessing credit reports
  5.  Allows you to streamline your application and background screening process

Real Property Management Houston Realtor Referral Program

Here’s an opportunity to increase your revenue by participating in our Real Property Management Houston Realtor Referral Program. Simply refer clients to Real Property Management Houston for their Houston property management needs and we will pay you $300 for each client that signs a Property Management Agreement with Real Property Management Houston. It’s that easy!

Lease Listing Contract Information

Your owner’s often ask you to list the properties that Real Property Management Houston has under management. Find the data fields of the lease only listing that have to do with property management.

MLS Data Inputs

As you are inputting the MLS information on your lease only listings, kindly input the following into the appropriate data fields found on the MLS Data Inputs page.

Tenant Application

Ready to Apply online to be a RPM Houston Tenant?

Fill out the Apply for a Houston RPM Rental Property and submit to the Real Property Management Houston Operations Office. You can submit to our office via fax, 281/727-0347 or email to Brandi Gullory at

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