What exactly is Section 8 and what do you need to know about it when you own a home in Houston. Section 8 is government program for low income tenants.  There are some Section 8 Houston properties that are public and government owned while many Houston property owners choose for their home to be rented to Section 8 tenants. If you are a Houston Property owner and have chosen to… Continue Reading Basic Steps on Renting to Section 8 Tenants

As summer winds down in favor of cooler weather and a less hectic schedule, Houston area homeowners should consider a seasonal HVAC system checkup. Annual preventive maintenance is ideally performed in the fall, before the weather gets cold and you need to turn on your heating system. The benefits of the fall tune-up include: Higher system efficiency. Lower Energy bills Fewer common problems. Higher level of comfort. Longer operating life. Fewer… Continue Reading With Fall Approaching, Consider a Seasonal HVAC System Checkup

Here are 10 simple things you can do to help keep yourself, your family, and your home safe and Ways to Prepare for a Disaster. Ways to Prepare for a Disaster – Real Property Management Houston 1. Research How do you prepare for a disaster when you don’t know when it could hit or what exactly you are preparing for? What kind of area are you in? Tornado alley? Fault… Continue Reading Simple Ways to Prepare for a Disaster – Real Property Management Houston

Cypress Property Management – Rental Eviction Tips When it comes to Cypress Property Management, tenants will hopefully be living in accordance with their lease terms and paying the rent on time. But, in the case that this doesn’t happen, eviction is a realistic part of Cypress Property Management and all property management for that matter. Although it’s not a pleasant scenario to think about, it’s a good idea to not… Continue Reading Cypress Property Management – Rental Eviction Tips

Are you looking for a Magnolia Property Management Company? Real Property Management Houston offers the most cost and comprehensive effective Magnolia Property Management solutions in the Magnolia area. Our innovative processes and systems are managed by a professional, well-trained staff of experienced managers, maintenance technicians, and accountants. Magnolia Property Management companies are hard to come by, call us – our business is YOUR Business. About Magnolia TX Magnolia is located in… Continue Reading Magnolia Property Management

It doesn’t matter if you are an owner/manager or if you are a professional Houston apartment management manager, the one thing you don’t ever want to do is put off repairs. In most cases, professional firms and their employees are pretty good about fixing reported problems quickly. However, owners who make the decision to handle their own managerial needs are a different story. It can be pretty tempting to put… Continue Reading Houston Apartment Management: Don’t Put Off Repairs

If you are a landlord, when it comes to a Home Warranty, just say No! It happens every day, a new investor, and some seasoned investors for that matter, purchase a new Houston rental property. Because the seller is willing to pay upwards of $500 without question, for a Home Warranty policy, the investor feels obligated to take the offer. There may be a better alternative. Home Warranty companies are… Continue Reading Free is Good!… Right?? – Home Warranties

The first thing a Texas landlord needs to know about security deposits, is that Texas is a “property rights” state. Texas Judges consistently rule in favor of people’s property rights. While the real estate is indeed the landlords property, the security deposit is the tenants property. Any claims made against the tenants deposit must be done in accordance with the lease agreement, and the law. Failure to comply will expose… Continue Reading Understanding Security Deposits

Residential Property Management Maintenance Costs At Real Property Management Houston we have constructed some ideas for planning for unexpected maintenance costs for your Houston investment property. When leasing residential property, having a good understanding of what the property will actually cost to operate, is vital to the success of the property owner. When calculating the operating costs for rental properties. Owners will always include the costs of the mortgage, taxes,… Continue Reading How to Plan for Residential Property Maintenance Costs

Preparing Your Rental Property – How to Rent Your Houston Rental Property Faster When renting a Houston rental property, keep in mind the expression “stepping over a dollar to save a dime”.  Your rental property needs to be similar to comparable rental units in price and features. It is “penny wise and pound foolish” to skimp on the basics of what people want, clean, safe space. When it comes to… Continue Reading How to Rent Your Houston Rental Property Faster

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