Lease Listing Contract Info.

Your owner’s often ask you to list the properties that we have under management. The following represents the data field of the lease only listing that have to do with property management.

Please be sure to use these data points on your lease listing in order to be consistent with our standard policies for properties under our management.

Thank you!

TAR 1102 Residential Listing-Exclusive Right to Lease form:

7.B Scheduling Companies: Real Property Management Houston
20.A: Due on the first day of the month
20.B: Late charges “….incurred: 11:59pm on the 2nd day after the date which rent is due
20.B (1) Initial Late Charge “5% of one month’s rent
20B (2) Additional late charges “$10 per day thereafter
20C. (a) Pet deposit of $250 in additional to the security deposit
20C (2) Pet violation charges (a) “an initial charge of $500 and (b) $50 per day thereafter
20H Trip Charge: $60
20J Inventory and condition form: “To be delivered within 3-5 days
20M Emergency phone number for repairs: 888-511-9198
20 O (1) if procured by tenant: “100% of one month’s rent
20 O (2) If procured by landlord:”200% of one month’s rent

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