Finally, Spring has sprung! Seems as if the winter would never move out. Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty and give our Houston homes a re-energizing wake up call!

Simple Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tips for your home

After the long winter and many hours inside, now we get to organize, de-clutter, clean up and get some windows up and watch the curtains blow!

At Real Property Management Houston, whether you are a Houston property owner or one of our Real Property Management Houston tenants, we think Spring cleaning is not only good for the home, it’s good for your soul. Below are some simple  Cleaning Tips that will have you spic and spam by the end of the weekend!

Don’t Be in a Hurry – We all have been in the spot of starting a project with very good intentions and before you know it, an hour or two has passed and something else has come up. Whether the kid’s or demanding your attention or you have an appointment – make sure to start projects when you don’t have anything else planned for awhile. You want to give your full attention to the project and it takes time to go through items, purge and or do some deep cleaning. Chances are if you start a project, have to leave and make plans to come back – you probably won’t. So, set aside a good amount of time when starting your clean up or organizing.

Open the Windows – During the winter months your home is a breeding ground for dust, germs, and allergens. All that heat and closed up windows is nothing but unhealthy! Open those doors and windows and feel the Spring wind! Feeling the outdoors and winds is good for the soul and also good for your home.

Out with the Old and in with the New – Sometimes it’s just time to purge your items such as clothes if you have not worn them in over a year. After a year what are the odds of you wearing those items? That also goes for knick-knacks around your home. If it really not something you like, donate those items to a local thrift store. Make room for fresh new items / clothes but not until you get rid of some of the older items. Same thing with some of your kitchen items. That old spatula that has been burned on the corner or the rice cooker you haven’t used. Odds are that if you have not used those items you probably won’t.

Don’t forget the “Hidden Spaces” – You know the old saying: “Out of sight, out of mind”? That is certainly a belief when we begin our “spring cleaning” or purging. You might be tempted to skip those small areas when you are doing your spring cleaning but don’t. Include those light fixtures and ceiling fans and don’t forget the top of the cabinets and appliances. Also, don’t forget your medicine cabinet. Throw old your old and expired prescriptions and over the counter medications as well.

GROSS areas we neglect: – There are area’s of our home that attract yucky, grimy bacteria. Not only is it a great general rule of thumb to clean this during your Spring Cleaning adventure but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to clean and wipe these area’s down on a regular basis.

  • The backsplash in your kitchen, totally greasy and grimey!
  • Wipe down the tile in your showers and underneath the toliet area.
  • All light switches (sorry, you have to wipe all the little handprints off).
  • Clean the top of the TV stands and computers, refrigerator doors and also vacuum underneath your appliances.
  • Your computer keyboard, mouse and your phones that you use in your home are touched everyday – get those clean ASAP!

Here are some of Houston Real Property Management’s Employee top cleaning tips for your home:

  • White vinegar is the BOMB: Spray a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water on your glass table and windows, wipe clean with an old newspaper.
  • Baking soda is still the Leader: The list of uses is almost endless. To unclog your drain, pour baking soda down it, followed by white vinegar. Watch it bubble and work its magic for an hour, and then rinse with hot water.
  • Coffee grounds take away odor: Take your old coffee grounds and put in your refrigerator or around the home where you want to eliminate odors. It really works!
  • Lemons: the cure all: Use lemon juice and water to clean counter tops, remove stains from Tupperware®, and is even good for you to drink in your water!

If your not in the mood this Spring to clean yourself, call Real Property Management Houston for our list of Houston Preferred Vendors.

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