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Untitled 1Ambrose & Associates, LLC, provides property tax consulting for our Real Property Management Houston clients. Property taxes are a major business expense impacting profitability and can be very time consuming.

Our professional service includes…

1. Better Data As Compared To The Appraisal District
– Over 20 years of experience in valuing real estate. As such, we have an extensive database of the most recent real estate data, which allows us to build a persuasive case on our client’s behalf against the appraisal district.

2. Outperform Our Competition
– Over the past years,  we have averaged a 12 percent reduction in taxes for commercial accounts protested at the Appraisal Review Board.

3. Consulting Fees
– Our consulting fees are entirely on a contingency basis. If we do not save you any money, there is no cost to you for our service.

4. Appeal Process
– In the event we are not satisfied with the results from the Appraisal Review Board, we would recommend obtaining tax relief through the appeal process-either through arbitration or mediation. We saved our clients an average of 18 percent in property taxes in 2013 as a result of this process.

5. Relationships Not Volume
– We are not into volume, but value relationships. Most tax consultants work off high volume.

We target business owners who acquire real estate and commit significant company resources to develop a winning strategy against the appraisal district. That is why we are able to achieve excellent results per account.

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