Preferred Vendor List for Owners

Property Tax

Untitled 1Ambrose & Associates, LLC, provides property tax consulting for our Real Property Management Houston clients. Property taxes are a major business expense impacting profitability and can be very time consuming.

If you are interested in Saving money on your property taxes, contact Kim Fleshner - today!

Lawn and Landscaping

SWIFT EDGE LLC Landscape Management

"An Exterior Concierge Company"

Sebastian and his team are a high quality landscape management company that services all lawns in Harris and surrounding counties.

Please reach out to Sebastian to become a member of the Swift Edge Family!

Call 713-705-8166 or email us at OFFICE@SWIFTEDGELLC.COM. You can also visit Swift Edge online -


Pest Control and Extermination Services

Bulls Eye Pest and Termite

Bulls Eye offers complete pest control and extermination services. We can take care of any pest that's bothering you, anywhere in Houston. We offer long-term pest control plans, commercial pest control, green pest control, and termite control services. Visit them online at

Houston HVAC Services
Houston Home Services

HVAC Services

Aero Home Services is one of our preferred vendors of HVAC Services as well as other services. They offer a broad range of HVAC services as well as other services for the Houston area. We are proud to have Aero Home Services as a preferred vendor of our company.

To find out more about Aero Home Services,  visit them online at

HVAC Services

Ozark-Air is our preferred vendor of HVAC Services. They offer a broad range of HVAC residential services that meet the needs of all homeowners. We are proud to have Ozark-Air as a preferred vendor of our company.

To find out more about Ozark-Air Houston, visit them online at