Whether you own apartments or single-family homes, there are a few ways you can make your Houston residential management more efficient and less stressful on yourself. Taking time to consider these items will help you to understand ways you can reduce your load while still managing your homes effectively. One way you can help reduce the load on you as the Houston property manager is by looking at who takes care of the lawns at your homes. If it is you, maybe it is time to consider these options:

  1. Tenant – Consider finding a tenant for your homes that can take care of the lawn for you. You want to find one that takes pride in their home. Also, someone who always makes their rental payment on time is a good option.
  2. Never Reduce the Rent – While hiring a tenant is a great choice, you never want to reduce their rent as part of your property management in Houston. This can lead to major issues later down the road. It is better if you pay them for the work so you can stop paying them if they discontinue their services.
  3. Provide the tools – If you decide to have one of the tenants take care of the lawn then provide all the tools. Gas, mower and all of the necessary equipment should always be on hand for your tenants to use. This also keeps the cost down that you pay as a property manager in Houston. Typically for these types of jobs landlords pay $25-$30 a month.
  4. Be cautious of handing over keys to homes – There is no reason this caretaker should have keys to the other homes. If for whatever reason they must have access to the property, run a background check on the tenant just like you would any other employee. This helps to reduce the possibilities of having issues later.

These are only a few of the many ways you can reduce the stress and hassle of your Houston residential management investment home. Evaluate your properties and see where the most help is needed to make your job as a rental homeowner easier

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