One of the largest issues that landlords have with their Houston condo is returning the security deposit when tenants move out. Something that may seem simple in the beginning can turn into quite an ordeal ending with you and the tenant in court. This is why it is important to follow certain guidelines to protect yourself, your home and your tenants.

  1. A camera is your best friend – As the property manager in Houston, you should take photos of the condo before the tenant moves in and again once the tenant moves out of the home. This is the best proof for how the property actually looked before and after it was rented. Once you have made any repairs, take photos again.
  2. Know your time limits – Be sure that in your condo management Houston rentals, you are aware of the time limits you have to inform the tenant of withholding any deposit. In most areas you have 3 weeks from the receipt of the new address or the tenant moving out to inform them of any withholding of the deposit or to get the deposit to them.
  3. Nothing left – Even if there is nothing left of the security deposit, you must write a letter informing the tenant why and what was deducted from it.
  4. Do not give approximations – As part of your property management in Houston you should never estimate the costs of repairs on the home. Keep records of the real numbers and subtract it from the deposit. Without receipts you can lose your case if it goes to court.

Following these tips are good ideas for managing your condo rental to help protect you when it comes time for the tenant to move out. Don’t let yourself end up in a situation where you are not prepared to defend why you did not return the security deposit. As a Houston property manager you should always have proof of everything concerning your rental property.

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