With Rently, we are able to provide well qualified renters with direct and individual access to your Houston rental property. They simply contact us, Real Property Management Houston through our website (www.HoustonRPM.com) or over the phone and either set up a viewing on their own or we do! It’s simple, secure and an awesome way for potential renters to view your property without waiting for an appointment. Rently

More potential owners that are able to see your rental means quicker leasing on your Houston rental Property. By using a Rently box we are able to generate more leads and renters can see your Houston rental home anytime. Using new items such as this will allow us to help you, the property owner better. No need to go and wait for a realtor or property manager, we can do it all from the office.

For more information about Rently,  contact us – Kim@HoustonRPM.com. We would love to share a bit more about Rently and how we are working hard for you!


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