Why Consider RPM Houston for the Management of Your Houston Rental?

Congratulations on your decision to invest in the Houston real estate market. Whether you are local to the Houston, Texas area or not, you have decided to turn your real estate investment into a cash-producing asset and chances are that you’re wrestling with the thought of managing your single-family home yourself or hiring a Houston rental property management company to do it for you.

In this article, we’d like to go over a few (though not exhaustive list), list of the things that we at RPM Houston will be doing in your place, should you choose to hire us for the active management of your Houston property:

  1. Screening: a comprehensive evaluation of all applicants, and without exception, is the starting from which we begin the relationship between tenant and owner. We perform a thorough background and credit check in order to provide our clients (the property owner), the most-qualified and deserving applicants.
  2. Marketing your property: do you have the wherewithal and time to bring to market your property? This is one area that due to our sheer volume of managed properties and revolving list of interested renters, we continually excel at diminishing vacancy rates.
  3. Rent Payments & Collection: as with marketing your Houston rental property, rent collection is another area where our experience has lead and continues to lead efficient an process whereby what matters most to our clients is ultimately attained: the cash flow that they expected when they purchased their Houston rental property.

Contact RPM today to find out how these and many other services are at your disposal when you have a team of leading Houston rental property managers on your side.

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