How Humble Property Managers can Boost Curb Appeal

If you find the Humble rental property you manage is staying vacant far too long, it may be because the house looks unappealing. Follow these tips to find out how Humble Property Managers can Boost Curb Appeal.

Lawn Care

Taking care of the lawn is the first step to making your Humble rental property desirable for occupancy. Remove weeds and more the grass regularly to keep your lawn healthy. Also, fertilize your lawn at the proper time during the year and irrigate it on a regular basis.

Plant Flowers

Plant some new flowers to boost the front appearance of the Humble rental.  Look for flowers that will take time to bloom. Examples of flowers that do well in Texas are Chrysanthemums, Pansies, and Snapdragons.  A beautiful, blooming flower is catchy to the eye of a potential renter and may drive them to stop in.

Paint – a simple fix

Painting is a simple and cost-effective home improvement strategy to curb appeal. Freshly painted rooms appear clean and new, which a sign of value.  Select paint colors that appeal to a greater number of people especially neutral colors.  Make your home appealing to potential tenants by painting all rooms with a clean neutral paint that gives it a fresh new look.

Invest in Major LandscapingHow Humble Property Managers can Boost Curb Appeal

Make landscaping improvements to make your home more desirable.  Plant shade trees, shrubs and colorful plants to make the compound more desirable while adding curb value to your home. Consider planting native or drought-resistant plants because their water and maintenance requirements are low, which can be highly appealing to potential renters.

Mechanical Fixes

Spend a few dollars and hire an electrician to do the electrical services such as checking wrap or loose wires, faulty outlets and malfunctioning circuits. You should also get a plumber to check for a fix water leaks, bath systems, and the kitchen sink. This way, a potential buyer will have a feeling that you’ve really taken care of your home.

Remember a vacant home is a home providing no cash flow. Consider simple fixes to your Humble Rental Home to rent their home faster and making that Humble homeowner very happy.


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