When you have Houston rental home properties you can earn more income on your single-family homes than you may be doing now. There are several ways that as a Houston property manager you can maximize your earnings on these properties while minimizing the overhead. By using these few tips you can see an increase in your earnings.

The appropriate rental home management techniques can easily maximize your income. While it may not seem easy to do with single-family properties, here are tips to assist you:

  1. Reduce Water Bills – Replace leaky toilets or faucets. Consider installing low flow toilets in all your homes. Install low flow showerheads as well. If you pay for the water bill have the tenant take that over. If that is not an option, then consider putting in a stipulation in the lease that any bills over certain amount will be paid by them.
  2. Garage – Most property managers in Houston charge extra rent for a garage being attached to the home.
  3. Lawn Care – Be sure that you are charging market rent and tell the tenants it is their responsibility to maintain the lawn. Do not reduce the rent simply because they are mowing the grass. This should be part of their duties as the tenant.
  4. Charge Late Fees – There are some tenants who will never pay on time and you should have the late fee policy in place and enforcing it.
  5. Upgrade the Property – Try doing home improvements to the properties and raise the rent. By increasing the home value you have increased the rental value as well. You can put it on the upper end of the rental home curve and get top rental rates for it because it is a nicer home and a more pleasant living environment for tenants.
  6. Consider “rent to own” – Consider this as an option for your Houston property management investments. Tenants will pay a few hundred dollars more a month because they want to own the home and that would be credited to their down payment.

Use these tips as part of your rental management homes in Houston to ensure that you get top dollar for your single-family home investments. These can help you maximize earnings on those properties which at times can be difficult to do.

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