What exactly is Section 8 and what do you need to know about it when you own a home in Houston. Section 8 is government program for low income tenants.  There are some Section 8 Houston properties that are public and government owned while many Houston property owners choose for their home to be rented to Section 8 tenants. If you are a Houston Property owner and have chosen to use a Houston Property Management company, below are items to consider.

Think of Choosing a Houston Property Management Company
Utilizing a property management company will help with the hassle of screening and background checks. Allow a Houston Property Management Company to do the work for you. A property management company will screen and run a background check on all prospective tenants. Property Management companies are there for you. If you are a Houston Property Owner – contact Real Property Management Houston and find out how they can help you!

Make sure to check out your Lease Application
If you choose to do your own leasing,  have the lease application drawn up with the help of an attorney to protect you, the property owner. Also, have your potential tenant fill out a Rental Tenancy Approval Application (RTA), then submit that form to the housing authority.

Section 8

Make sure to have your property Inspected
When finalizing your rental to Once you’ve submitted an RTA, the housing authority will inspect your property to make sure it meets all the guidelines of Section 8 housing. Once your space has passed, you should decide on the amount of rent you’ll be paid by the housing authority, then sign a landlord agreement with them. When you finalize your Section 8 rental with the housing authority, you’ll need to bring a copy of a government-issued photo ID, a copy of the signed lease, a W-9, and a deed to the property. Once you have done that, make a new set of keys and get ready to welcome your tenant into their new home!

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